The Patriots emptied the Nemesis Bill

Patriots imitate Bayern to dig each other’s team, or pay cuts

Stephen Gil Moore, the star of the game, invested in Patriot last year, and the New England Patriots now hired Bill’s captain Chris Hogan. Today, the Patriots once again killed Buffalo Bill, this time they tried to seize Bill’s power back to Mike Geely, who was ready to sign the former buffalo Bill team back to the United States Tuesday aigo.

The Michael Mike-Gillies Patriot offers a $ 600 million two-year contract worth $ 400,000, including a $ 4 million guarantee amount. The contract was for the Patriots to run the maximum contract, before the Patriots signed the run Rex – probably the price of Louis. But the signs have not really finished, Buffalo Bill will have five days to consider leaving Gillisley, a patriot’s proposal, but almost impossible, because the current buffalo Bill’s salary space is tight, They are less than $ 10 million, it is difficult for them.

Bill uses the original round label at Gillis Leigh, which means that Gillis Leigh is a restricted free agent and needs to pay for the patriots, and then Gillis Leigh runs with his guard in the same fifth round pick, Last season Gilles Lyle, the ball 101 times, 577 yards 8 touchdowns, performed well, the past two years, the Patriots emptied the outstanding player Bill to consolidate its rule, which reminiscent of Bayern Munich Dortmund

The young team is building an unprecedented confidence in the playoffs. "I think we won the confidence of the first game inside because we showed our strength," Bocaque said after the game, "After our second game, obviously, if you ask my players, They will say we are a very good team. "

Barry Trotz, head coach of the capital, admitted after the game that it was a series of online games that seemed close to a lot, "it was not a game between David and Goliath, they were a very good The team. "Look at the brilliant goal of the Champions League.

"If we can not beat the idea of ​​playing the game, we should never come to this stage, it’s the first round of our minds that we can play with them and give them some damage," said Matthews. We never doubted our hearts.

Air Canada Center Maple Leaf Square, three hours before the start filled with fans. Large screen viewing, has always been the Raptors and Maple Leaf playoff tradition. At the end of the game, the square was drowned in the crowd. Celebrations from the court and the square have been extended to the side of the road, the side of the subway, and the farther night with the smell of alcohol. In recent years, the Toronto team has been surprising. But nothing can be lit like a city like an ice hockey.

"My throat is hoarse, and almost all the power is the third ball."

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