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The Washington Red Army in the attack group, cheap regular jersey lost some of the players, stick to their defensive team’s determination, recently they signed a free agent, internal staff Zach – Brown. It is reported that the contract is very affordable, probably worth $ 4 million.

Zach – Brown is a strong defensive player, 27 years old this year. Last season he came to Buffalo Bill and played a very high optical performance, he is this season is buffalo Bill defensive group’s performance is very prominent, he completed a total of 149 sacks, second only to Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner ranked NFL ranked second, and he also completed four sacks, so that opponents took off 2 times, and harvested a small ball steals, is a very comprehensive defensive player, his ability to judge Vulnerable South Korea defense, and his grappling effort, but also to strengthen the red ground anti-run.

The Washington Redskins are focused on seeking to help the team increase defensive measures, and they provide the ability to defend the league’s bottom line last season, and Brown is a good player to go through defense, red to leave their inside inside Mason Foster and Weir cambron meal, not only that, red also found three powerful defensive players: line guard Terrell Macklin Stasi Mcgee and safe J Willinger DJ-.

Brown’s performance is so good, so he was selected as the 2016 star list, and Brown is also the second team’s best cheap jersey nfl season, red card is added value for money, Zach Brown All-Star defensive player can be slightly Red for his defense to relax.

Eagle and Crow

Today, the Baltimore team will choose the crow defense magic Jimmy Jenny, the third round of the 99 picks with the Philadelphia hawks deal, 74 rounds total elected third round, maybe this is not a good choice, but the two teams are each need

Jimmy Jenny is the main defensive source of the Baltimore Ravens, his second round in 2014 by the Baltimore team crow selection rookie season he was making rags and four bags in the crows, the 2016 season he finished 31 tackles and 5 Sacks, the performance of the normal, Baltimore crow the best team rushed out from the hands. But because of some problems, the crows do not intend to take Jenigan as the future of the crows to choose the defensive player very optimistic that the crows always love to choose the young defender from the draft, but also rely on the defensive crow love team while the Philadelphia hawks need to add extra Of the staff, the eagle directly rushed forward, Jimmy Jenny is clearly the hands of the Philadelphia hawk hands, had just lost Benny Logan, Jennyen replacement is very suitable for three years of experienced career, 24 years old The crow is also very good before the start. The two sides got what they wanted.

The blue ball behind the two balls began to become anxious, they often use the body to try to open the situation and let them eat a lot of fouls, twelfth minute and 30 seconds, 4 times 4 times chance, Sidney Crosby instigated again to the team, he and his opponent Jack Enze – the ancient frontcourt with the latter played 2 2, the ball along the left back defender Brian Dumole, he with a small angle Hit a match-fixing, Bob Ralski to make a mistake, Dumo Lin saw the opportunity to choose at the door, his shot in a nfl jersey cheap negative angle against Azzurri striker Atkinson Kane’s legs into the net , 3: 0, which is also the first ball since Dumole from December 15,2014.

And now the Baltimore Ravens have four options in the top eight, they can rely on the first round of the draft striker to make a lot of choices, especially when this is known as the defensive rookie Tannin case, the crow can build their own defensive ideas.

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