NCAA championship quarterback will be from China’s cheap jerseys to talk with the team

Cleveland coach Brown said the Chinese team had only Oswald Wheeler to stay in the team, so the new season will consider him as the first player to train, but Brown in the last season is Quarterback heart, Brown want to choose the quarterback in the rookie, Brown also said that the team on the Heat Meyers Garrett is not interested in, want to change bad, can only rely on the quarterback to save, So brown will see the trump card quarterback last year NCAA champion Clemson University de Sean – Watson.

It is reported that in the elite university timetable, the time is Tuesday to visit Cleveland Brown this week, no rookie want to start playing in this team, but the players have no choice, because the draft will be from Brown’s first choice , The team can choose any player they want. Brown is very keen on the quarterback, over the years has been unable to find a good quarterback. So they want to impress Watson, obviously, Brown’s goalkeeper Wheeler players are the only choice.

NHL regular season into the last week of the sprint, currently ranked second and third in the regional metropolitan area, the results show that penguins in the family court 38 save high efficiency and goalkeeper Matt Murray, score 4: 1 defeat opponents, Consolidate the metropolitan area second, is expected to lock the first round of the playoff home advantage.

In this game, both sides sent the goalkeeper Matt Gaurskey (Matt Laurskey) Matt Murray (Matt Murray) was challenged, while the blue hand face the capital of the injured defense Zach Granville Lenski (Zach Granville Lenski) is missed, and Penguin defender Ray Tang and Dali is still missing. In order to solve the bottleneck of the offensive end, the blue team in the offensive combination of a lot of adjustments, but in the start stage they are not seeking cheap home team, the fourth minute they gave the penguin in the game in the first game , A group of penguins played almost twice the ball in the Chinese time on the blue team caused a huge threat, 5: 1, but was shot, Bob Loewsky stable, did not give opponents too many opportunities. Eleventh minute, penguins by playing the Blues again to play less chance, after 1 minute, they got the best chance to score the young Conner – Cherry in Sydney Crosby get through the men in the case, Xie Rui nodded directly, but the height of the ball is not enough. High speed mobile Bob Lovskey brave determination. 17 minutes, the young Josh Archie Bart singles opportunity, but he saved Bob Loewsky again in Azzurri defender Seth Jones’s interference shoot. Eighteen and fifty-one seconds, penguin for a long time finally four striker Scott Wilson broke the stalemate of Qian Changqiuqiu, he suddenly after the cross to the left of the wall, dry interference partner belio ie beat beat Beat beat Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob, and Lovskey 10, finally broke, leading 1: 0 penguin.
In addition, Watson has been talking to the staff of the Kansas office director, the leader quarterback Arrakis Smith (Arrakis Smith) was questioned, but if you want to compete for Brown players, chief Brown Myers – can only expect to choose to add Leiter.

The second quarter of the blue began to take the initiative, but the ninth minute 25 seconds, the penguin will lead nfl jersey online two goals, Scott Wilson in the game for the team made 2 blocked shots, hit 1 Fast break chance, the young Kunakeer behind the left side of the blue line, Sitting Jones can not play follow-up, Patrick-Hornquist jaws score rewrite is 2: 0.

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