March 13 NFL News Review China

Patriot couple can not believe nfl jersey China joins, praises Brady history first.

The winning team will always have a lot of fans, regardless of occupation or other players, NFL League players are eager to more champions are irresistible, many years of competition champion New England Patriot is naturally a lot of players looking for local, this one from Tight end Dwayne Allen himself and his words just join the patriots will see joining the Patriots: it is incredible.

“I never thought I would be traded to the Patriots, I mean, the Patriots and my pony deal.I am very happy, my brother is really happy.I will study hard for everyone here to learn, culture The champion, making the organization better. “Allen said.

Patriots are loving to use double tight tactics to replace Alan Matt Lawrence Bennett, and he will have a lot of opportunities Kowski debuts with Groner, longtime, Allen said she wants him to learn more. What makes Alan happy or Tom Brady and Alan Brady can not stop complimenting.

“Have the chance to play with Brady is my pleasure to wholesale nfl jerseys cheap countless players dream to play with” GOAT “(the first person in history) and now it has realized me.
From Allen’s words can be seen, a player is so eager to join the Patriots and win the championship.

Allen jersey

New York Jets quarterback Gino Smith (Gino Smith), recently returned to New York, but this time he went to the New York Giants, but not jetting.

US Saturday confirmed that the free agent went to the cheap New York giant nfl jersey, who seemed interested in Smith.

If you come to the giant Smith will become a good opportunity for Ely Manning (Eli Manning) as a 26-year-old quarterback before the news of the jet, it’s hard to find other teams.
Smith has just recovered from the ligament injury, may not be as good as he wanted.

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