If you can not be a penalty for a cheap nfl jersey champion

At present, the Texas Agricultural University, defensive end, Myers Garrett will undoubtedly become the most popular candidate in this year’s draft. If Cleveland Brown did not choose a championship in Gareth’s final choice, it would surprise countless people.

If Brown did not do that, Gareth himself will be in the next decade spontaneous performance revenge. In an interview with ESPN, Gareth said that if Brown did not let him become a champion, then in the next ten years, he will be "punished" and "killed" quarterback.

In fact, he was asked that Brown should take him out, he gave a very good answer, but his answer was clearly a layer of "threat", especially if Brown finally decided to use the choice of quarterback.
"Because I’m going to make the team different from the first day.I do not have any trouble.Jarez said, I just want to defend, give the team a good atmosphere." I will lead the team from now on. If you do not pick me up, I will punish you in the next ten to twelve years. Whenever I meet you, I will kill your quarterback, no matter who wins, I will beat him. "

This is the Chicago Black Hawk in the NHL playoff season for nine consecutive seasons, the experience is quite rich. This season has been 50 wins and 23 losses in the second half of a total of 8 times, ranking first in the West. This means that they will be in the first round of the playoffs in the Western Conference finals to get home advantage. You know that in the Black Hawks playoff series of Q coaches, when the home advantage won the amazing 11 wins and 1 losses. In addition, China’s cheap nfl jersey history, the team only two regular season more than fifty wins, the last time in the 2009-10 season, the team finally won the Stanley Cup, the history of this era can be repeated itself can do nothing.

Black Hawk this season, the success rate of 18.3% in the league ranked thirteenth, but more than 78% of the league’s 24th success rate. For the league’s twenty-seventh team, the team only captain Tevs fought at more than 50 percent.

Kane continues to lead the season, with 88 points (34 goals, 54 assists) and 10 goals in the last 16 games, with 12 assists if Kane can be in the season The Blacksmith must be a strong contender for the Stanley Cup this year.

Captain Tevez this season, although the data is unknown, but currently a total of 57 points (including 20 goals and 37 assists). But because of his status in the All-Star game after a significant improvement, if Taifusi can play as soon as possible to play the playoffs, the team is a great help.

Panarin, who won the Gothic trophy last year, was the best novice in the league and was still doing well this season. 73 points (30 goals and 43 assists) this season, after Kane, with the playoffs last year, he believes he will play an important role in this year’s offensive line.

38-year-old Slovak player Hosa Marian is still the offensive firepower, also became NHL’s history, online season, 500 players online forty-fourth harvest personal career goals. At present, the Black Eagle is often younger, his experience and critical moments will bring a certain degree of confidence to the young players in the team.

In fact, in the interview, Gareth also revealed some interesting details. For example, in addition to playing games, he also likes dinosaurs and poetry.

But he asked the career plan may make a lot of people surprised, he said he wanted to list the top ten in the NFL list, but he did not know he would not play such a long time the ball. He plans to spend ten years in the league, and his family together.

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