Giant signed wholesale NFL jerseys china star take over

The New York jets had decisively cut wholesale nfl jerseys china off the 31 year old veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, but left the team Yunan jets for Marshall this is a good thing, because today Brandon Marshall on his twitter announced that he had just signed with the New York giants for two years on a Marshall to stay in New York, can say goodbye to Eastern patriot rule of the shadow, and came to a playoff competitive team and a good salary, really happy for a player.
Marshall and the New York giants signed a 2 year contract worth $12 million, and I am very pleased to say that I am pleased that the United States and the United States, the u.s..

“I think this is a perfect thing for me, our relationship is very stable, I am in New York over the past few years have heard many about this team to create surprise, and now I finally know why everyone will see the giant so high.”
“I know my job is the pressure to the opponent, help other receivers, then do their own, continue to maintain a good receiver state, I think there will be some things happen naturally, I as an elder and his teammates to share my story and experience, there are a lot of things I can help them. I hope I can cheap nfl jerseys online learn something different from them.”

Marshall to stay in New York, and came to this giant teams feel very happy at the same time, Marshall joined the group for a giant ball provide a lot of things, Victor Cruz’s decline to leave, Marshall Cruz can bring no energy in this position, and give Odell Beckham more space so that he does not have many people at help him better to complete the attack.

Today the new England patriots used a fourth round 137th overall draft pick to the Indianapolis Colts traded for tight end Dwayne Allen and a sixth round 200th overall picks. Allen joined the basic is to ensure that the Patriot double proximal offensive front form, this also indicates that the matru Lawrence Bennet has entered the countdown in the patriot.

The 27 year old Allen spent 5 seasons in the Indianapolis colts, career the ball 126 times, 1451 yards, and scored 19 touchdowns. In the past four years, he is the main side of the horse near the front, Bill – Billy Cheik’s ability to cover its very promising. Allen last season as the main completed a total of 35 receptions with 406 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Because Bennet wants to get $9 million annual salary, it is impossible for the Patriots to give so much money cheap jerseys online. So Allen came to the patriots. In the Patriot array, believe that Allen’s catch ability will be further developed, while wage benefits is taken by the patriots.

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