Finally, no one answered the disk cheap jersey NFL cut

NFL League jersey What happened today something interesting? A look: cowboy can not trade Romo; retired general offensive
Dallas Cowboy now do not want to find a deal Toni Romo opens when the players on the market, even if they want to finish Toni Romo deal with other teams, veteran quarterback only wait for the fate of the Dallas Cowboys.

In the last two seasons only played four rounds of Tony Romano, not a bit like dealing with his weak body and high contract for the other team, because if there is a choice to stay on the team, so they have to eat the last year’s contract Is any team do not want to make the choice. So the family can only wait until June 1 Romo will stay before it is cut off you can know. But a person’s point of view is that in order to Dallas cowboy’s age will be traded to Romo, he did not want to stay in place. After the cowboy announces layoffs after Romo, each team believes it will cut the Cowboys 4 professional bowl star players and is willing to wait for him to become a free agent at that moment. Under the influence of these factors, even if the Dallas Cowboys want to pay Luo Luo save some money, the team can not accept the cowboy deal.
And now Houston Texas and Denver Broncos are envious of Ryan’s jealousy, but they are only willing to accept, sign as a free agent.

But the Dallas Cowboys attacked a member of a Chinese who was going to retire, 33-year-old he decided to bid farewell to the entire decade of competition last year in his quarterly entry in the 2017 season, and would receive a $ 500,000 salary to decide that cattle Aberdeen left Of the salary of $ 5 million.

Cowboy absolute attack line, is the absolute main cowboy super attack attack a member, but in recent years has been troubled by injuries, with age, rich forest obviously feel helpless, decommissioned cowboy choice must consider who can fill the vacancy, But in the offseason many generals. Under the conditions of the cowboy go15.

According to reports, at present, Brown hopes to get Oswald’s second round pick, they said the team is willing to eat half of the $ 16 million Wheeler.
But analysts said the deal was impossible because of Texas’s Texas for a long time, the team was willing to give up the third round of the draft and chose to pay him $ 8 million. The end result is likely to be Brown in the case of finding the final transaction failed vhailor oswald.

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