Champion’s defense updates the patriots’ core

In the New England Patriots continue to operate the nfl jersey Chinese offseason, today issued a big news, Patriot star player, defensive core East Tower – Heitor official and patriot contract for the Patriots, the entire defense group without the East Tower Heitor’s words , After the fruit in the offseason unbearable meditation, update the Patriots and Heitor negotiations, as a free agent, Heitor finally decided to sign the contract in the Patriots, to maintain the championship competitiveness.

Patriot has 4 years $ 43 million 500,000 lockout contract, including the protection of Hightower, the amount of $ 19 million. Hightower rejected other teams like Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets he opened fat to continue to influence the Super Bowl championship rings to honor their patriots.

Is the patriot on the pitch and absolute leadership, his teammates can stimulate the enthusiasm in the forty-ninth Super Bowl at his critical moment in Lynch, leading to patriots after the sign; the fifty-first Super Bowl, En Hightower pass, leading the touchdown, and laid the foundation for the reverse. Can be said to be the last two times to win the Patriot Super Bowl, Hightower East Tower – often at the crucial moment of the amazing defensive performance is the cornerstone of the Patriot victory. Updated Hightower high cost, now the patriot and about $ 24 million in funds, the money, the patriots left Malcolm – Butler hope a lot, and now Hightower’s problem has been solved, then the Patriot will be the main Butler contract A few days will come.

This contract may be quick in other teams, but for the patriots have already made a big nfl jersey cheap contract. In the middle of the season, the Patriots joined Cleveland Brown defender Jamie – a team that signed $ 50 million worth $ 4 million and $ 42 million for $ 400,000. It’s just a popular Patriot player in other teams like the sample price, Hightower season all-star, in the Super Bowl and the main player, a $ 43 million contract for the individual, some very cheap. Is there anything more excited than keeping a patriot with a patriot?

Weiss – Murray joins the Vikings

The former Auckland commando ran back to Weiss Murray, the player today officially joined the Minnesota Vikings in the wholesale nfl jersey Raiders, wearing Jersey 28, Weiss – Murray may choose to wear the 28th of the Vikings, this The numbers were before the Viking legend of Adrian-Peterson’s number, and the Vikings signed in Murray with Peterson, did not return to the Minnesota Vikings, and Murray’s former club Raiders could be Peterson.

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