Brown is still trying to sell Bullock – Oswell

It is now Brock Osweiler is not the final choice of Cleveland Brown, the team also tried to find some benefits from him.
It is reported that Brown is currently hoping to get a third round of the draft to exchange Oswil, they also said the team is willing to eat Oswald 16 million dollars half.
But the analysts believe that the feasibility of the transaction is not high, because if the team is willing to give up the third round of the draft and choose to pay him 8 million dollars, then the Houston Texans have long been implemented. The end result may be Brown in the search for the case of the final failure of the final settlement of Oswil.
One thing is certain, that is, Oswil will not start at the beginning of the season as a member of Brown out of the station, the team will only deal with him or cancel him.

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