40 yards sprint birth NFL New jerseys cheap record!

p>NFL 2017 has come to second days, a project record was broken in nfl jerseys cheap this day, this is the most interesting: 40 yard dash from last season’s PAC12 championship, the University of Washington took over, John – Ross (John Ross) in the 40 yard dash out a new record of 4.22 seconds, breaking the 2008 – Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) 4.24 seconds, a new test history record with 40 yards.

About 40 yards sprint in the end is what a concept, we can compare. As everyone knows, the fastest sprinters in the history of running is Jamaica iusein – Boulter. What would happen if he was allowed to run 40 yards?
First of all, we have to point out that Boulter himself did not run 40 yards sprint, if he ran, we do not have to study here. Although Boulter did not run 40 yards, but NFL players ran over 100 meters. Before Ross broke the record today, the previous record to maintain the best of meters in the career of Chris – Johnson is 10.38 seconds slower than half a second. The former NFL coach Billy Blaine tweeted in 2012, from the angle of mathematics, Boulter the 40 yard dash to 4 seconds.

But this is only an ideal situation, and the fact that the difference is far. Because the 40 yards sprint is much shorter than the 100 meters, so a short distance, to take into account other factors. At first I was not a Boulter in the starting stage’s type, he is only a general advantage in the second half of 100 meters. That is to say nfl jerseys for sale, according to the standard of 100 meters, Boulter has not reached the fastest speed, the code has run out of 40. The other NFL players wear shoes with spikes on the turf run, with track and field site difference.

These factors are included, it can be predicted that if Boulter out of the top performance, perhaps barely able to run within 4.2 seconds. So Ross’s 4.22 second is a big challenge for Boulter.

Johnrose this is the University of the third grade, the 2016 season injury after the outbreak of the performance so that he became the three big this year took over one of the NFL draft. For the season, Ross received 17 touchdowns, tied for the more than and 2 NCAA; the maximum number of players is 1122 yards receiving the 2016 season PAC12 league. When it comes to his ball level, he gave a fairly good catch with one hand in the PAC12 finals.
In the receiver in the day before the test, Ross said in an interview: “I’ll try (to break the record of Chris Johnson), I don’t want to say so much, I will try my best to run into 4.3 seconds.” All this, one day later, the desire to become a reality.

Interestingly, in the history of the Ross breakthrough in the run, the process of running the timer did not appear on the screen, when Ross crossed the finish line, the scene was only 4.22 seconds of data.
But from the end of the game and Ross hit the end of the moment, Ross may also run faster data. In the spring of cheap nfl jerseys last year, University of Washington has, Ross once ran out of 4.25 seconds of data. It is said that in the first test, Ross once ran over 4.16 seconds before the scouting data (but artificial way of counting). At the end of the day, Ross had a cramp. Ross said after the game, if not in the final sprint in the process of cramps, he may be able to run faster.

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