Champion’s defense updates the patriots’ core

In the New England Patriots continue to operate the nfl jersey Chinese offseason, today issued a big news, Patriot star player, defensive core East Tower – Heitor official and patriot contract for the Patriots, the entire defense group without the East Tower Heitor’s words , After the fruit in the offseason unbearable meditation, update the Patriots and Heitor negotiations, as a free agent, Heitor finally decided to sign the contract in the Patriots, to maintain the championship competitiveness.

Patriot has 4 years $ 43 million 500,000 lockout contract, including the protection of Hightower, the amount of $ 19 million. Hightower rejected other teams like Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets he opened fat to continue to influence the Super Bowl championship rings to honor their patriots.

Is the patriot on the pitch and absolute leadership, his teammates can stimulate the enthusiasm in the forty-ninth Super Bowl at his critical moment in Lynch, leading to patriots after the sign; the fifty-first Super Bowl, En Hightower pass, leading the touchdown, and laid the foundation for the reverse. Can be said to be the last two times to win the Patriot Super Bowl, Hightower East Tower – often at the crucial moment of the amazing defensive performance is the cornerstone of the Patriot victory. Updated Hightower high cost, now the patriot and about $ 24 million in funds, the money, the patriots left Malcolm – Butler hope a lot, and now Hightower’s problem has been solved, then the Patriot will be the main Butler contract A few days will come.

This contract may be quick in other teams, but for the patriots have already made a big nfl jersey cheap contract. In the middle of the season, the Patriots joined Cleveland Brown defender Jamie – a team that signed $ 50 million worth $ 4 million and $ 42 million for $ 400,000. It’s just a popular Patriot player in other teams like the sample price, Hightower season all-star, in the Super Bowl and the main player, a $ 43 million contract for the individual, some very cheap. Is there anything more excited than keeping a patriot with a patriot?

Weiss – Murray joins the Vikings

The former Auckland commando ran back to Weiss Murray, the player today officially joined the Minnesota Vikings in the wholesale nfl jersey Raiders, wearing Jersey 28, Weiss – Murray may choose to wear the 28th of the Vikings, this The numbers were before the Viking legend of Adrian-Peterson’s number, and the Vikings signed in Murray with Peterson, did not return to the Minnesota Vikings, and Murray’s former club Raiders could be Peterson.

Finally, no one answered the disk cheap jersey NFL cut

NFL League jersey What happened today something interesting? A look: cowboy can not trade Romo; retired general offensive
Dallas Cowboy now do not want to find a deal Toni Romo opens when the players on the market, even if they want to finish Toni Romo deal with other teams, veteran quarterback only wait for the fate of the Dallas Cowboys.

In the last two seasons only played four rounds of Tony Romano, not a bit like dealing with his weak body and high contract for the other team, because if there is a choice to stay on the team, so they have to eat the last year’s contract Is any team do not want to make the choice. So the family can only wait until June 1 Romo will stay before it is cut off you can know. But a person’s point of view is that in order to Dallas cowboy’s age will be traded to Romo, he did not want to stay in place. After the cowboy announces layoffs after Romo, each team believes it will cut the Cowboys 4 professional bowl star players and is willing to wait for him to become a free agent at that moment. Under the influence of these factors, even if the Dallas Cowboys want to pay Luo Luo save some money, the team can not accept the cowboy deal.
And now Houston Texas and Denver Broncos are envious of Ryan’s jealousy, but they are only willing to accept, sign as a free agent.

But the Dallas Cowboys attacked a member of a Chinese who was going to retire, 33-year-old he decided to bid farewell to the entire decade of competition last year in his quarterly entry in the 2017 season, and would receive a $ 500,000 salary to decide that cattle Aberdeen left Of the salary of $ 5 million.

Cowboy absolute attack line, is the absolute main cowboy super attack attack a member, but in recent years has been troubled by injuries, with age, rich forest obviously feel helpless, decommissioned cowboy choice must consider who can fill the vacancy, But in the offseason many generals. Under the conditions of the cowboy go15.

According to reports, at present, Brown hopes to get Oswald’s second round pick, they said the team is willing to eat half of the $ 16 million Wheeler.
But analysts said the deal was impossible because of Texas’s Texas for a long time, the team was willing to give up the third round of the draft and chose to pay him $ 8 million. The end result is likely to be Brown in the case of finding the final transaction failed vhailor oswald.

March 13 NFL News Review China

Patriot couple can not believe nfl jersey China joins, praises Brady history first.

The winning team will always have a lot of fans, regardless of occupation or other players, NFL League players are eager to more champions are irresistible, many years of competition champion New England Patriot is naturally a lot of players looking for local, this one from Tight end Dwayne Allen himself and his words just join the patriots will see joining the Patriots: it is incredible.

“I never thought I would be traded to the Patriots, I mean, the Patriots and my pony deal.I am very happy, my brother is really happy.I will study hard for everyone here to learn, culture The champion, making the organization better. “Allen said.

Patriots are loving to use double tight tactics to replace Alan Matt Lawrence Bennett, and he will have a lot of opportunities Kowski debuts with Groner, longtime, Allen said she wants him to learn more. What makes Alan happy or Tom Brady and Alan Brady can not stop complimenting.

“Have the chance to play with Brady is my pleasure to wholesale nfl jerseys cheap countless players dream to play with” GOAT “(the first person in history) and now it has realized me.
From Allen’s words can be seen, a player is so eager to join the Patriots and win the championship.

Allen jersey

New York Jets quarterback Gino Smith (Gino Smith), recently returned to New York, but this time he went to the New York Giants, but not jetting.

US Saturday confirmed that the free agent went to the cheap New York giant nfl jersey, who seemed interested in Smith.

If you come to the giant Smith will become a good opportunity for Ely Manning (Eli Manning) as a 26-year-old quarterback before the news of the jet, it’s hard to find other teams.
Smith has just recovered from the ligament injury, may not be as good as he wanted.

University Football High Honors: The history of the Heisman Award

The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award, often referred to as the Heisman Trophy Award, is presented annually to the best American college football players in recognition of their outstanding performance on the pitch and outside the stadium Exemplary role. The Heisman Award was announced by the Heisman Trophy Trust in early December (NCAA Rugby playoff) and held an award ceremony.
The award was created in 1935 to recognize “the most valuable football player in the East”, which was issued by the Downtown Athletic Club. After the death of John Heisman, the club’s director of movement, in honor of his achievements, the prize was renamed the Heisman Award and began to be given to athletes west of Mississippi. As one of the oldest university football awards in the United States, the Heisman Award has a considerable weight in the United States and is a heavyweight award for all college footballers.
Trophy design
The Heisman trophy was designed by Frank Eliscu, a style of a football player who played the ball in the 1934 season at the New York University (NYU) football team Ed Smith. Trophies are made of pure copper, 34.3 cm high, weighing 11.3 kg. At that time, the trophy designer Frank Eliscu found his high school team teammate Ed Smith and hoped that he could make a rugby game to inspire him. At that time, Ed Smith certainly did not think that his inadvertent action, but later became the world famous Heisman trophy.
Candidate selection
At the beginning, only Mississippi east of the players are eligible to participate in awards. Beginning in 1936, all the players in the college football league are eligible to participate in the selection. But the final winners will usually be from the NCAA Division 1 (Division I) inside those outstanding achievements in the team generated.
Those who are eligible to vote include:
– Sports journalists (870 journalists each year have the right to vote, they will largely decide the final winner)
– The former Heisman winners (this year, a total of 57 former winners have the right to vote, they can choose to give up the vote, but will not lose the right to vote in their lifetime, they can each year for the Heisman Award for sacred One ticket)
– fans (each year, the Hayesman Trust will entrust ESPN to vote on its website, the final vote of the fans will become a vote)
Team honors
In addition to personal data, team performance is the key to winning the Heisman Award. In general, the Heisman Award winner’s team in the year generally have a record of the season, while the national championship or key division champion strong contender. Although the University of Chicago, who has produced the Heisman Award winner, Yale University and Princeton University are no longer the NCAA Division I team, but the winners are in the team in the first Part of the era of the district was the honor. Historically, only two NCAA first division outside the players into the final three candidates list, but ultimately failed to take the Heisman trophy. In view of this, in the selection of the Heisman Award, the team honor and the overall strength of the district occupies a considerable proportion.
In addition to Griffin at the Ohio State University (OSU) for two consecutive years to win the Heisman Award, in addition to three projects for two consecutive years produced two Heisman Award winners, they are: Yale University (1936-37) , Army (1945-46), University of Southern California (USC, 2004-05). Only three high schools have produced more than one Heisman Award winner, including: Woodrow Wilson High School, Mater Dei High School, Fork Union Military Academy.
Grade and age

So far, the Heisman winners are mainly from the senior. Cleveland Brown quarterback, known as “Johnny Rugby” popular young man Johnny – Manzel, Texas A & M University (Texas A & M University) effectiveness of the year won the Heisman Award, he also became Heisman Award in the history of the first in the freshman to win this award. In 2013, Jameis Winston won the Grand Prix at the 346-year-old Florida State University (FSU) quarterback, making it the youngest winner in history. In the first 72 years of the Heisman Award, no sophomore player won the prize. Until 2007, for two consecutive years are sophomore players winners, they are in 2007 Tim – Tim Bo (Tim Tebow), 2008 Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford) and 2009 mark – Mark Ingram.
The youngest and oldest winners in history come from Florida State University. Chris Weinke won the 2000 Heisman Prize at the age of 28, and before he went to Florida State University to play football, he fought for six years in a baseball league. While the genius quarterback Winston won less than 20 years of age.
Player position
Running back and quarterback is the history of the Heisman Award for the most location, a very small number of other positions of the players won the award. Historically, there were two near-end prizes that were Larry Kelley and Leon Hart. Desmond Howard and Tim Brown, both of whom also won the award. Charles Woodson is the only true defensive player in the winner, who, at the time of his strength at the University of Michigan, has a major defensive defender and a part of the kick-off and overtaking task. Historically, players who have not yet been specializing in defense have won this award. Corner guard and line guard is even the opportunity to enter the final list of three candidates are not many.
Controversy and policy
Regional bias controversy
On the Heisman Award in the selection of regional issues is a long time controversy hot, Heisman Award in the selection process often selectively ignore the West Coast players caused a wide range of discussions. On the controversy over regional bias, many people think that because the voters in the east do not see the West Coast race. Due to the reasons for the TV broadcast contract, cultural interest and other reasons, on the Heisman Award for the selection of candidates for the Eastern University of the controversy has been endless.
2005 awards vacancies
In 2010, Pat Haden, head of athletes at the University of Southern California (USC), announced that according to the requirements of the NCAA, the school asked the 2005 Heisman winner Reggie Bush to return the trophy. The official statement of the NCAA was given the reason that Bush received a gift from a broker during college. September 14, 2010, Bush was officially canceled the title of Heisman Award winner. The next day, the Hayesman Trust announced the 2005 vacancy and withdrew all of the content related to all 2005 awards from the official website. Bush in 2012 after more than two years, the final reluctant to return the 2005 Heisman trophy to the Heisman Award Trust. And why the final award on why the vacancy, and why did not award to the vote was the second highest candidate Vince Young, at the time have aroused greater controversy.
Cardinals signed 49 players, renewed starting center
On Thursday, the Cardinals renewed their starting center and brought veteran kicker.
A.Q. Xi Pu Lei (A.Q. Shipley) as the center starting last season all the game, the Cardinals will be with him for two years. As a result, the first attack in 2017 striker had four signed a 2017 contract.
According to ESPN reporters, the Cardinals signed the former Brown, 49 players Gill – Dawson (Phil Dawson), this name has been fighting for 18 years veteran last year free kick 21 18, additional points 34 34. Most will replace the current kicker Chandler – Catanzaro (Chandler Catanzaro)

Cardinals signed 49 players, renewed starting center

On Thursday, the Cardinals renewed their starting center and brought veteran kicker.
A.Q. Xi Pu Lei (A.Q. Shipley) as the center starting last season all the game, the Cardinals will be with him for two years. As a result, the first attack in 2017 striker had four signed a 2017 contract.
According to ESPN reporters, the Cardinals signed the former Brown, 49 players Gill – Dawson (Phil Dawson), this name has been fighting for 18 years veteran last year free kick 21 18, additional points 34 34. Most will replace the current kicker Chandler – Catanzaro (Chandler Catanzaro)

Brown is still trying to sell Bullock – Oswell

It is now Brock Osweiler is not the final choice of Cleveland Brown, the team also tried to find some benefits from him.
It is reported that Brown is currently hoping to get a third round of the draft to exchange Oswil, they also said the team is willing to eat Oswald 16 million dollars half.
But the analysts believe that the feasibility of the transaction is not high, because if the team is willing to give up the third round of the draft and choose to pay him 8 million dollars, then the Houston Texans have long been implemented. The end result may be Brown in the search for the case of the final failure of the final settlement of Oswil.
One thing is certain, that is, Oswil will not start at the beginning of the season as a member of Brown out of the station, the team will only deal with him or cancel him.

The strongest 90 NFL jerseys china online after Wei

For Peters, it is fortunate that, at this time nfl jerseys china online, the main point of the Emirates Wei only Sean – a person, another position is not clear the main force of the. So after offseason competition, Peters became the team in his rookie season. The first game of the 2015 season, Peters in his occupation career first defense, it steals Houston Dezhou quarterback Blaine Hoyer, the most eye-catching way, began his occupation career, gradually become unstoppable. The second game in the face of the Denver wild horse, he also cut off the Payton – Manning pass, it will be back to attack the array.

In the early stages of his career so amazing, Peters naturally attracted the attention of opponents and the media. And his performance did not decline. In the next game, he has intercepted a Minnesota Vikings Tactic – Bridgewater, Mustang Manning (second times), Oakland Raiders (Derek Carle in front of Peters’s hometown of Baltimore), Jimmy (Clausen crow single game two times), and Cleveland Brown Johnny – Manzil. This season he 16 game attendance, 8 steals tied for first in the league, 26 League second pass break. In the rookie season he played the top corner of the performance, the end of all the defense team Rookie Award suspense. In this year, he was selected for the professional bowl, easily won the rookie of the year award. The most cheap jerseys online convincing is that he was selected for the season two team. In the playoffs, he once again cut off the Heuer, to help the team on the road 30-0 Dezhou. But in the division, the team lost to the new England patriots.

The 2016 season, Peters continued to maintain the top performance, although the data is not as terrible as the previous year, but his overall value is in fact better. The second game of the season, in the face of the most love rival Dezhou, he steals Brock Oswald vhailor two. A week later, he had two steals the Ryan Fitzpatrick. For sixth weeks, he again in the sight of father home steals Derek Carle. 5 games 5 steals, so in the next game, the opponent quarterback are beginning to do not dare to pass his defensive direction. The chiefs also once again after the end of the 2015 season stride forward singing militant songs, the regular season with 10 wins, this time they were in the last 11 games 10 wins and 1 losses, won the AFC West champion. Peters in the 15 game of the 6 cut (tied for the League of the second) to break the pass (tied to the League of third) made the ball 1 times (20). This time, he was selected as one of the best teams in the season, which means that he is one of the two best performing players in the season, one of the top 2016. Unfortunately, the Emirates still failed to go further in the playoffs, once again in the division.

Peters and we introduced before the Malcolm – somewhat similar to the, in the private life of the jerseys nike two people are very low-key. Peters also has a son in 2015, he will send some photos of his son on the social networking site. But at the same time, he never talks about his relationship with the opposite sex on social networking sites. So now we don’t know who the mother is or whether Peters is with her.

40 yards sprint birth NFL New jerseys cheap record!

p>NFL 2017 has come to second days, a project record was broken in nfl jerseys cheap this day, this is the most interesting: 40 yard dash from last season’s PAC12 championship, the University of Washington took over, John – Ross (John Ross) in the 40 yard dash out a new record of 4.22 seconds, breaking the 2008 – Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) 4.24 seconds, a new test history record with 40 yards.

About 40 yards sprint in the end is what a concept, we can compare. As everyone knows, the fastest sprinters in the history of running is Jamaica iusein – Boulter. What would happen if he was allowed to run 40 yards?
First of all, we have to point out that Boulter himself did not run 40 yards sprint, if he ran, we do not have to study here. Although Boulter did not run 40 yards, but NFL players ran over 100 meters. Before Ross broke the record today, the previous record to maintain the best of meters in the career of Chris – Johnson is 10.38 seconds slower than half a second. The former NFL coach Billy Blaine tweeted in 2012, from the angle of mathematics, Boulter the 40 yard dash to 4 seconds.

But this is only an ideal situation, and the fact that the difference is far. Because the 40 yards sprint is much shorter than the 100 meters, so a short distance, to take into account other factors. At first I was not a Boulter in the starting stage’s type, he is only a general advantage in the second half of 100 meters. That is to say nfl jerseys for sale, according to the standard of 100 meters, Boulter has not reached the fastest speed, the code has run out of 40. The other NFL players wear shoes with spikes on the turf run, with track and field site difference.

These factors are included, it can be predicted that if Boulter out of the top performance, perhaps barely able to run within 4.2 seconds. So Ross’s 4.22 second is a big challenge for Boulter.

Johnrose this is the University of the third grade, the 2016 season injury after the outbreak of the performance so that he became the three big this year took over one of the NFL draft. For the season, Ross received 17 touchdowns, tied for the more than and 2 NCAA; the maximum number of players is 1122 yards receiving the 2016 season PAC12 league. When it comes to his ball level, he gave a fairly good catch with one hand in the PAC12 finals.
In the receiver in the day before the test, Ross said in an interview: “I’ll try (to break the record of Chris Johnson), I don’t want to say so much, I will try my best to run into 4.3 seconds.” All this, one day later, the desire to become a reality.

Interestingly, in the history of the Ross breakthrough in the run, the process of running the timer did not appear on the screen, when Ross crossed the finish line, the scene was only 4.22 seconds of data.
But from the end of the game and Ross hit the end of the moment, Ross may also run faster data. In the spring of cheap nfl jerseys last year, University of Washington has, Ross once ran out of 4.25 seconds of data. It is said that in the first test, Ross once ran over 4.16 seconds before the scouting data (but artificial way of counting). At the end of the day, Ross had a cramp. Ross said after the game, if not in the final sprint in the process of cramps, he may be able to run faster.

NFL Cowboys jerseys cheap announced cut 72 million

What interesting things today in the cheap NFL League jerseys, with a look: Luo Mo Luo Mo released relentless cowboy fell dejected

The Dallas Cowboys today of veteran Toni Romo made the decision, the Dallas Cowboys finally determined with Romo and the Cowboys career termination, Romo finished, then may go to the Denver Broncos Romo, Houston Dezhou people looking for work in Kansas chief, and cowboy is not so early and by the termination, the team decided to officially cut in June 1st he fell so his contract, the remaining $19 million salary will be assigned to the cowboy next two years to adjust the capital space, because of Elliot’s two main cowboys, Scott is cheap jerseys for sale currently comple rookie salary contract, so the cowboys have money option contract with the team.

Toni Romo in the United States on Thursday, after the new year NFL began to choose contact team, not to trust in the Dakota Cowboy – Prescott case, it is absolutely impossible to return to again by the Dallas cowboys possible. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Tuesday, two people after a conversation between friends finally choose Romo alone, Romo did not put pressure on the many years of friends, nor to Jones for what in the free agent market opening, just because the business field of cold, Jones had to so, while more Romo is aware. Peace break up, two people or friends.

Jones told Romo to wait, waiting for the other team to demand cowboy trading. Jones also told Romo, cowboy in June 1st officially its termination to leave the team more capital space. All of this is just a lonely Toni Romo nodded, he did not know this in his frequently injured state in Prescott youth, he must leave nfl jerseys china, but did not expect, don’t say goodbye.

According to the provisions of NFL, in June 1st by the cut, cowboy can get an additional $14 million in space, such as to the Dallas cowboys in 2017 and 2018 for the vacated $10 million 700 thousand cowboy left $8 million 900 thousand before June 1st, if cut jeans can only make Romo, $5 million, and he will still hold the salary cap space for $24 million 700 thousand. Now with the other team interview Romo will determine the final destination, the cowboy No. two bench four points will be Josh – who choose kamailuo text, it depends on whether he signed with jive.

Giant signed wholesale NFL jerseys china star take over

The New York jets had decisively cut wholesale nfl jerseys china off the 31 year old veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, but left the team Yunan jets for Marshall this is a good thing, because today Brandon Marshall on his twitter announced that he had just signed with the New York giants for two years on a Marshall to stay in New York, can say goodbye to Eastern patriot rule of the shadow, and came to a playoff competitive team and a good salary, really happy for a player.
Marshall and the New York giants signed a 2 year contract worth $12 million, and I am very pleased to say that I am pleased that the United States and the United States, the u.s..

“I think this is a perfect thing for me, our relationship is very stable, I am in New York over the past few years have heard many about this team to create surprise, and now I finally know why everyone will see the giant so high.”
“I know my job is the pressure to the opponent, help other receivers, then do their own, continue to maintain a good receiver state, I think there will be some things happen naturally, I as an elder and his teammates to share my story and experience, there are a lot of things I can help them. I hope I can cheap nfl jerseys online learn something different from them.”

Marshall to stay in New York, and came to this giant teams feel very happy at the same time, Marshall joined the group for a giant ball provide a lot of things, Victor Cruz’s decline to leave, Marshall Cruz can bring no energy in this position, and give Odell Beckham more space so that he does not have many people at help him better to complete the attack.

Today the new England patriots used a fourth round 137th overall draft pick to the Indianapolis Colts traded for tight end Dwayne Allen and a sixth round 200th overall picks. Allen joined the basic is to ensure that the Patriot double proximal offensive front form, this also indicates that the matru Lawrence Bennet has entered the countdown in the patriot.

The 27 year old Allen spent 5 seasons in the Indianapolis colts, career the ball 126 times, 1451 yards, and scored 19 touchdowns. In the past four years, he is the main side of the horse near the front, Bill – Billy Cheik’s ability to cover its very promising. Allen last season as the main completed a total of 35 receptions with 406 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Because Bennet wants to get $9 million annual salary, it is impossible for the Patriots to give so much money cheap jerseys online. So Allen came to the patriots. In the Patriot array, believe that Allen’s catch ability will be further developed, while wage benefits is taken by the patriots.