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Pirates become the target of hard training camp

The tough men’s training camp finally identified the target team, when the Tampa Bay pirate officially announced that the team will focus on the training camp after the twelfth season. HBO and NFL cooperation will continue to bring the reputation of the fans NFL team summer camp life.

From August 4 to September 5, this program broadcasts a total of five sets every Tuesday. The camera will target every step of the Tampa Bay season. The pirates follow the footsteps of the Los Angeles ram into the difficult camps. Even more interesting is that the Tampa Bay pirate became a shooting team full of expectation and they began to voluntarily participate in the NFL because the tough training camp was selected for a team that had not entered the playoffs for the past two years and did not change last year at Tampa Bay Pirates 8 wins and 8 losses record missed the playoffs, just meet this requirement. Their coach Dick Skrtel is a young coach.
Western Black Hawk’s traditional tournament 50 wins rate ranks first, and his opponent in the decision of the last moment, although in the ice hockey game black eight is common, but each one is the first black eight standing dead, Black in the face of the predators of the regular season, it seems that there is no strength in the hands of the first game in 2017 Nike Nfl jersey lost 0-1 fans, disturb the word to comfort themselves, the second is black Eagle Eye in the outbreak of performance, the opponent scored 5 goals, humiliating opponents won two games, two consecutive beheaded, the third game until the next day the Black Hawk score, but overtime opponents into the half of the practice, losing streak , Taifusi captain or general Kaine can help the team take a key goal. Black Hawk has the opportunity to win the next game and then return to the Chicago Union Center.

Perhaps the Bulls will be in the Chicago United Center to achieve black eight wonders, this spirit must also be black hawks in this game inspired to complete the reversal, but in any case, the Chicago fans now hard to say.

2017 Stanley Cup playoffs into the fifth round, the Canadian Rangers and Sharks total score of 2: 2, so the two sides of the game is the key, Tencent sports will be held in Beijing in April at 7:00 on the 21st, Please pay attention when two games are broadcast.

In February 2009, when the video live 7 team playoffs joined the war of heaven

7:00 Montreal Canadians vs New York Rangers total of 2-2 people

The original series seems to have been completely Canadian in the final game of the active rangers encountered sniper, all the New Yorkers have taken the initiative, if not the Canadian goalkeeper Presley’s outstanding performance, the difference may not only Just a ball In this battle of King Hill, the victory side will take the initiative.

On the offensive end, Canadians again fell into the dilemma of lack of rest, playing the last minute, the team adjusted for a group and three groups, Radu Love series of outstanding performance with Raikkonen and Kyrgyzstan arranged Ni Ark partners, but did not receive As a result, whether the game will continue to be observed in this configuration remains to be seen.

While the Rangers, playing this game into a group of young Vichy, Ponce and Nash partners in Manchester, despite the reorganization helped to win the final goal, but overall performance is not ideal. But Zuccarello – Hayes-Miller’s striker group was completely suppressed, showing the brave Canadian two cheap jersey combinations, has become the key to the game, Rangers can occupy an overwhelming advantage.

Backcourt, into the homeless defender team Holden performed well, Canadians, Ben Bei three of the two groups are not very good, a group of Markov also lead, rely on Weber Markov – three Petrie in the backcourt only they , The remaining three appear no time to 20 minutes, if the situation continues to deteriorate, the fitness of Markov will not be a small challenge.

Goalkeeper position, Rehnquist and Preiss between the increasingly fierce confrontation, the two maintained a very high competitive situation, almost no errors, both sides did not bring a small test on the front.
Tampa Bay Pirate Summer playoffs introduce some powerful stars so we can finally watch the stars together how to team up with their quarterback Jamie Winston, Mike Evans took over the new Aid de Sahn Jackson and others are big players, so we have reason to expect Tampa Bay pirates to bring the same hard training camp for the people.

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