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Pirates become the target of hard training camp

The tough men’s training camp finally identified the target team, when the Tampa Bay pirate officially announced that the team will focus on the training camp after the twelfth season. HBO and NFL cooperation will continue to bring the reputation of the fans NFL team summer camp life.

From August 4 to September 5, this program broadcasts a total of five sets every Tuesday. The camera will target every step of the Tampa Bay season. The pirates follow the footsteps of the Los Angeles ram into the difficult camps. Even more interesting is that the Tampa Bay pirate became a shooting team full of expectation and they began to voluntarily participate in the NFL because the tough training camp was selected for a team that had not entered the playoffs for the past two years and did not change last year at Tampa Bay Pirates 8 wins and 8 losses record missed the playoffs, just meet this requirement. Their coach Dick Skrtel is a young coach.
Western Black Hawk’s traditional tournament 50 wins rate ranks first, and his opponent in the decision of the last moment, although in the ice hockey game black eight is common, but each one is the first black eight standing dead, Black in the face of the predators of the regular season, it seems that there is no strength in the hands of the first game in 2017 Nike Nfl jersey lost 0-1 fans, disturb the word to comfort themselves, the second is black Eagle Eye in the outbreak of performance, the opponent scored 5 goals, humiliating opponents won two games, two consecutive beheaded, the third game until the next day the Black Hawk score, but overtime opponents into the half of the practice, losing streak , Taifusi captain or general Kaine can help the team take a key goal. Black Hawk has the opportunity to win the next game and then return to the Chicago Union Center.

Perhaps the Bulls will be in the Chicago United Center to achieve black eight wonders, this spirit must also be black hawks in this game inspired to complete the reversal, but in any case, the Chicago fans now hard to say.

2017 Stanley Cup playoffs into the fifth round, the Canadian Rangers and Sharks total score of 2: 2, so the two sides of the game is the key, Tencent sports will be held in Beijing in April at 7:00 on the 21st, Please pay attention when two games are broadcast.

In February 2009, when the video live 7 team playoffs joined the war of heaven

7:00 Montreal Canadians vs New York Rangers total of 2-2 people

The original series seems to have been completely Canadian in the final game of the active rangers encountered sniper, all the New Yorkers have taken the initiative, if not the Canadian goalkeeper Presley’s outstanding performance, the difference may not only Just a ball In this battle of King Hill, the victory side will take the initiative.

On the offensive end, Canadians again fell into the dilemma of lack of rest, playing the last minute, the team adjusted for a group and three groups, Radu Love series of outstanding performance with Raikkonen and Kyrgyzstan arranged Ni Ark partners, but did not receive As a result, whether the game will continue to be observed in this configuration remains to be seen.

While the Rangers, playing this game into a group of young Vichy, Ponce and Nash partners in Manchester, despite the reorganization helped to win the final goal, but overall performance is not ideal. But Zuccarello – Hayes-Miller’s striker group was completely suppressed, showing the brave Canadian two cheap jersey combinations, has become the key to the game, Rangers can occupy an overwhelming advantage.

Backcourt, into the homeless defender team Holden performed well, Canadians, Ben Bei three of the two groups are not very good, a group of Markov also lead, rely on Weber Markov – three Petrie in the backcourt only they , The remaining three appear no time to 20 minutes, if the situation continues to deteriorate, the fitness of Markov will not be a small challenge.

Goalkeeper position, Rehnquist and Preiss between the increasingly fierce confrontation, the two maintained a very high competitive situation, almost no errors, both sides did not bring a small test on the front.
Tampa Bay Pirate Summer playoffs introduce some powerful stars so we can finally watch the stars together how to team up with their quarterback Jamie Winston, Mike Evans took over the new Aid de Sahn Jackson and others are big players, so we have reason to expect Tampa Bay pirates to bring the same hard training camp for the people.

The Patriots emptied the Nemesis Bill

Patriots imitate Bayern to dig each other’s team, or pay cuts

Stephen Gil Moore, the star of the game, invested in Patriot last year, and the New England Patriots now hired Bill’s captain Chris Hogan. Today, the Patriots once again killed Buffalo Bill, this time they tried to seize Bill’s power back to Mike Geely, who was ready to sign the former buffalo Bill team back to the United States Tuesday aigo.

The Michael Mike-Gillies Patriot offers a $ 600 million two-year contract worth $ 400,000, including a $ 4 million guarantee amount. The contract was for the Patriots to run the maximum contract, before the Patriots signed the run Rex – probably the price of Louis. But the signs have not really finished, Buffalo Bill will have five days to consider leaving Gillisley, a patriot’s proposal, but almost impossible, because the current buffalo Bill’s salary space is tight, They are less than $ 10 million, it is difficult for them.

Bill uses the original round label at Gillis Leigh, which means that Gillis Leigh is a restricted free agent and needs to pay for the patriots, and then Gillis Leigh runs with his guard in the same fifth round pick, Last season Gilles Lyle, the ball 101 times, 577 yards 8 touchdowns, performed well, the past two years, the Patriots emptied the outstanding player Bill to consolidate its rule, which reminiscent of Bayern Munich Dortmund

The young team is building an unprecedented confidence in the playoffs. "I think we won the confidence of the first game inside because we showed our strength," Bocaque said after the game, "After our second game, obviously, if you ask my players, They will say we are a very good team. "

Barry Trotz, head coach of the capital, admitted after the game that it was a series of online games that seemed close to a lot, "it was not a game between David and Goliath, they were a very good The team. "Look at the brilliant goal of the Champions League.

"If we can not beat the idea of ​​playing the game, we should never come to this stage, it’s the first round of our minds that we can play with them and give them some damage," said Matthews. We never doubted our hearts.

Air Canada Center Maple Leaf Square, three hours before the start filled with fans. Large screen viewing, has always been the Raptors and Maple Leaf playoff tradition. At the end of the game, the square was drowned in the crowd. Celebrations from the court and the square have been extended to the side of the road, the side of the subway, and the farther night with the smell of alcohol. In recent years, the Toronto team has been surprising. But nothing can be lit like a city like an ice hockey.

"My throat is hoarse, and almost all the power is the third ball."

Quasi-champions to teach cheap mlb jersey man to kill Brady escapement

Champion beat James and Brady sacks

Meyers Garrett (Meyers Garrett) cheap basketball players are basically locked in the top position, as the rookie training camp by the excellent physical quality of the attack, human measurement data horror made him a lot of outside experts, known as the NBA The best players in the draft, they think she will become the future of the farmer’s house. The first round of signing in Cleveland Browns has been seen as the Garethers’ savior.
Here he asked a few questions about whether it could become LeBron James’s Cleveland banner, and he did not show a general young man proud that she was very gentle and he said he would try to meet this standard.

"I think James is the king of the city, so I can not be chosen by God as he does? It depends on me, I want to challenge, but it does not bother me, I am looking at my own goal: Which team choose I will help them win the championship. "She avoided the comparison with the James problem Now he is unlikely to surpass James’s contribution to Cleveland.

Strong young people and college completely farewell, about to land the NFL battlefield. Meyers Garrett – now drove back to his alma mater, Texas A & M University, where he is a student, his favorite Volvo car, hovering on the campus hundreds of times. Interestingly, when asked about the red hand will pass all the problems when Gareth is fearless, like Peyton Manning fans like his favorite Manning old rival Tom Brady in Brady Bag Teach a man.

"Tom Brady should be the greatest player in the history of NFL, so have the chance, I will try to dismiss him to the ground and tell him the best players are sometimes low-key, of course this is because I was a fan of Payton Manning "Gareth is very swollen at this time, and I do not know if he will fulfill this wish in the future.

Although the team in recent years the record has been broken in the playoffs, but this did not stop those cheap players to move the red wings. Next season, they will leave Joe Lewis Stadium and move to Caesar Stadium.

The Red Wings officially announced the move to Jo Luis Stadium
Since 1979 the red wing at the Joe Lewis Stadium, where there are four top leagues, leaving a lot of precious memories. But today, after the failure of the Demon 4-1 in New Jersey, these have become history.

Riley Xie Khan scored a goal in the first season of the preliminary round to break their 79 drought goals in the drought. Red Wing also won this season, Joe – Lewis Stadium farewell.

This goal is the fourth goal of the red wing halo, and Joe nfl jersey in the red jersey is the Lewis stadium last goal.

Henrik Berg’s game sends out a goal and a help. At the same time, his career in 1000 games have passed the red wing.

Next season, the red wings will move to their new home Caesar stadium. Today is the red legend, fans finally meet here, Joe – Lewis farewell.

The Red Wings officially announced the move to Jo Luis Stadium

"In my opinion, Joe Lewis is a good place.When you step on the ice and prepare for the game, you will be excited about it," said Steven Izeman, general manager of Lightning, in an interview with NHL. There is the freshest air, the most beautiful of everything.

If you can not be a penalty for a cheap nfl jersey champion

At present, the Texas Agricultural University, defensive end, Myers Garrett will undoubtedly become the most popular candidate in this year’s draft. If Cleveland Brown did not choose a championship in Gareth’s final choice, it would surprise countless people.

If Brown did not do that, Gareth himself will be in the next decade spontaneous performance revenge. In an interview with ESPN, Gareth said that if Brown did not let him become a champion, then in the next ten years, he will be "punished" and "killed" quarterback.

In fact, he was asked that Brown should take him out, he gave a very good answer, but his answer was clearly a layer of "threat", especially if Brown finally decided to use the choice of quarterback.
"Because I’m going to make the team different from the first day.I do not have any trouble.Jarez said, I just want to defend, give the team a good atmosphere." I will lead the team from now on. If you do not pick me up, I will punish you in the next ten to twelve years. Whenever I meet you, I will kill your quarterback, no matter who wins, I will beat him. "

This is the Chicago Black Hawk in the NHL playoff season for nine consecutive seasons, the experience is quite rich. This season has been 50 wins and 23 losses in the second half of a total of 8 times, ranking first in the West. This means that they will be in the first round of the playoffs in the Western Conference finals to get home advantage. You know that in the Black Hawks playoff series of Q coaches, when the home advantage won the amazing 11 wins and 1 losses. In addition, China’s cheap nfl jersey history, the team only two regular season more than fifty wins, the last time in the 2009-10 season, the team finally won the Stanley Cup, the history of this era can be repeated itself can do nothing.

Black Hawk this season, the success rate of 18.3% in the league ranked thirteenth, but more than 78% of the league’s 24th success rate. For the league’s twenty-seventh team, the team only captain Tevs fought at more than 50 percent.

Kane continues to lead the season, with 88 points (34 goals, 54 assists) and 10 goals in the last 16 games, with 12 assists if Kane can be in the season The Blacksmith must be a strong contender for the Stanley Cup this year.

Captain Tevez this season, although the data is unknown, but currently a total of 57 points (including 20 goals and 37 assists). But because of his status in the All-Star game after a significant improvement, if Taifusi can play as soon as possible to play the playoffs, the team is a great help.

Panarin, who won the Gothic trophy last year, was the best novice in the league and was still doing well this season. 73 points (30 goals and 43 assists) this season, after Kane, with the playoffs last year, he believes he will play an important role in this year’s offensive line.

38-year-old Slovak player Hosa Marian is still the offensive firepower, also became NHL’s history, online season, 500 players online forty-fourth harvest personal career goals. At present, the Black Eagle is often younger, his experience and critical moments will bring a certain degree of confidence to the young players in the team.

In fact, in the interview, Gareth also revealed some interesting details. For example, in addition to playing games, he also likes dinosaurs and poetry.

But he asked the career plan may make a lot of people surprised, he said he wanted to list the top ten in the NFL list, but he did not know he would not play such a long time the ball. He plans to spend ten years in the league, and his family together.

Red signature cheap genuine jersey all-star

The Washington Red Army in the attack group, cheap regular jersey lost some of the players, stick to their defensive team’s determination, recently they signed a free agent, internal staff Zach – Brown. It is reported that the contract is very affordable, probably worth $ 4 million.

Zach – Brown is a strong defensive player, 27 years old this year. Last season he came to Buffalo Bill and played a very high optical performance, he is this season is buffalo Bill defensive group’s performance is very prominent, he completed a total of 149 sacks, second only to Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner ranked NFL ranked second, and he also completed four sacks, so that opponents took off 2 times, and harvested a small ball steals, is a very comprehensive defensive player, his ability to judge Vulnerable South Korea defense, and his grappling effort, but also to strengthen the red ground anti-run.

The Washington Redskins are focused on seeking to help the team increase defensive measures, and they provide the ability to defend the league’s bottom line last season, and Brown is a good player to go through defense, red to leave their inside inside Mason Foster and Weir cambron meal, not only that, red also found three powerful defensive players: line guard Terrell Macklin Stasi Mcgee and safe J Willinger DJ-.

Brown’s performance is so good, so he was selected as the 2016 star list, and Brown is also the second team’s best cheap jersey nfl season, red card is added value for money, Zach Brown All-Star defensive player can be slightly Red for his defense to relax.

Eagle and Crow

Today, the Baltimore team will choose the crow defense magic Jimmy Jenny, the third round of the 99 picks with the Philadelphia hawks deal, 74 rounds total elected third round, maybe this is not a good choice, but the two teams are each need

Jimmy Jenny is the main defensive source of the Baltimore Ravens, his second round in 2014 by the Baltimore team crow selection rookie season he was making rags and four bags in the crows, the 2016 season he finished 31 tackles and 5 Sacks, the performance of the normal, Baltimore crow the best team rushed out from the hands. But because of some problems, the crows do not intend to take Jenigan as the future of the crows to choose the defensive player very optimistic that the crows always love to choose the young defender from the draft, but also rely on the defensive crow love team while the Philadelphia hawks need to add extra Of the staff, the eagle directly rushed forward, Jimmy Jenny is clearly the hands of the Philadelphia hawk hands, had just lost Benny Logan, Jennyen replacement is very suitable for three years of experienced career, 24 years old The crow is also very good before the start. The two sides got what they wanted.

The blue ball behind the two balls began to become anxious, they often use the body to try to open the situation and let them eat a lot of fouls, twelfth minute and 30 seconds, 4 times 4 times chance, Sidney Crosby instigated again to the team, he and his opponent Jack Enze – the ancient frontcourt with the latter played 2 2, the ball along the left back defender Brian Dumole, he with a small angle Hit a match-fixing, Bob Ralski to make a mistake, Dumo Lin saw the opportunity to choose at the door, his shot in a nfl jersey cheap negative angle against Azzurri striker Atkinson Kane’s legs into the net , 3: 0, which is also the first ball since Dumole from December 15,2014.

And now the Baltimore Ravens have four options in the top eight, they can rely on the first round of the draft striker to make a lot of choices, especially when this is known as the defensive rookie Tannin case, the crow can build their own defensive ideas.

NCAA championship quarterback will be from China’s cheap jerseys to talk with the team

Cleveland coach Brown said the Chinese team had only Oswald Wheeler to stay in the team, so the new season will consider him as the first player to train, but Brown in the last season is Quarterback heart, Brown want to choose the quarterback in the rookie, Brown also said that the team on the Heat Meyers Garrett is not interested in, want to change bad, can only rely on the quarterback to save, So brown will see the trump card quarterback last year NCAA champion Clemson University de Sean – Watson.

It is reported that in the elite university timetable, the time is Tuesday to visit Cleveland Brown this week, no rookie want to start playing in this team, but the players have no choice, because the draft will be from Brown’s first choice , The team can choose any player they want. Brown is very keen on the quarterback, over the years has been unable to find a good quarterback. So they want to impress Watson, obviously, Brown’s goalkeeper Wheeler players are the only choice.

NHL regular season into the last week of the sprint, currently ranked second and third in the regional metropolitan area, the results show that penguins in the family court 38 save high efficiency and goalkeeper Matt Murray, score 4: 1 defeat opponents, Consolidate the metropolitan area second, is expected to lock the first round of the playoff home advantage.

In this game, both sides sent the goalkeeper Matt Gaurskey (Matt Laurskey) Matt Murray (Matt Murray) was challenged, while the blue hand face the capital of the injured defense Zach Granville Lenski (Zach Granville Lenski) is missed, and Penguin defender Ray Tang and Dali is still missing. In order to solve the bottleneck of the offensive end, the blue team in the offensive combination of a lot of adjustments, but in the start stage they are not seeking cheap home team, the fourth minute they gave the penguin in the game in the first game , A group of penguins played almost twice the ball in the Chinese time on the blue team caused a huge threat, 5: 1, but was shot, Bob Loewsky stable, did not give opponents too many opportunities. Eleventh minute, penguins by playing the Blues again to play less chance, after 1 minute, they got the best chance to score the young Conner – Cherry in Sydney Crosby get through the men in the case, Xie Rui nodded directly, but the height of the ball is not enough. High speed mobile Bob Lovskey brave determination. 17 minutes, the young Josh Archie Bart singles opportunity, but he saved Bob Loewsky again in Azzurri defender Seth Jones’s interference shoot. Eighteen and fifty-one seconds, penguin for a long time finally four striker Scott Wilson broke the stalemate of Qian Changqiuqiu, he suddenly after the cross to the left of the wall, dry interference partner belio ie beat beat Beat beat Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob, and Lovskey 10, finally broke, leading 1: 0 penguin.
In addition, Watson has been talking to the staff of the Kansas office director, the leader quarterback Arrakis Smith (Arrakis Smith) was questioned, but if you want to compete for Brown players, chief Brown Myers – can only expect to choose to add Leiter.

The second quarter of the blue began to take the initiative, but the ninth minute 25 seconds, the penguin will lead nfl jersey online two goals, Scott Wilson in the game for the team made 2 blocked shots, hit 1 Fast break chance, the young Kunakeer behind the left side of the blue line, Sitting Jones can not play follow-up, Patrick-Hornquist jaws score rewrite is 2: 0.

Vagrant Rex – Ryan as NFL jersey wholesale analyst

Former NFL coach Lex Ryan nfl jersey wholesale will join NFL in September, turn to NFL experts, New York jet and buffalo Bill’s former coach, ESPN and NFL as guest guests in the official column of the Houston Super Bowl today officially joined ESPN.

The weekend will officially unveil the role of Lex – Ryan NFL analyst, who will be excited by the spring state performance of the Florida State University for the upcoming new career.

"It will be a totally different experience, I am very excited.I have been a coach for 30 years, football is my life and i will be a fan like a fan.I have been in this league for a long time.I have seen everything, I will show myself and have fun. "Ryan said Rex.

Montreal Canadians today announced that Weber will miss the team’s three games and check the lower limbs for cheap jersey injuries. It was reported that the veteran had beaten Tampa Bay on Sunday’s team 2-1, and today he did not rob robbery.

There is no doubt that Weber’s damage to the team is huge, he ranked No. 17 in the NHL defending scoring list, ranking the top three in the top scoring players. In addition, his 25 minutes and 4 seconds of the game time is the championship team.

In Thursday’s game against the Buffalo Saber, the remaining two games: the Canadian season Saturday against Tampa Bay Lightning and Sunday, to Detroit’s red wings.

According to Sportsnet revealed that Weber’s injury is not serious, just for safety reasons. In the case of the first team almost locked partition, Webb need to prepare the playoffs.

The lane is considered a buffalo Bill’s savior, but he was fired in the 2016 season, only the last game, Bill in two years ahead of 15 wins and 15 losses, but failed to enter the playoffs. In the jet, he led a total of 46 wins and 50 losses, leading jets into the playoffs, won a total of 4 wins and 2 losses. He has a unique defensive view when the crow as a defensive coordinator in 2009 with the team to win the Super Bowl trophy.

Brady in the cheap nfl jersey baseball field sackin gloon

Graham Brady was arrested and killed

Today is the Boston Boston cheap nfl jersey baseball team, the Red Sox preseason before the start, according to tradition, lead the championship Boston team in the New England Patriots sent four titles with owner Robert Kraft went to Fenway Park, officially Boston fans are Super Bowl trophies, the Red Sox.

Tom Brady and James White, Duhem Lewis and MG Ron Kowski’s coffee with millions of fenway parks, In addition to the other players of the Grand, but also must wear his jersey champion Tom Brady, and even he recovered from the Mexican No. 12 Jersey to wear the scene, five patriots on behalf of the staff of the trophy, to show people the honor of Boston.

It also takes place in an episode that shows the white man with Brady Champion Jersey, where the leader of Glan will jump directly to Jersey, Brady at Fenway Park with Grange Corsky initiates chase and finally cast a "finish grid "Captain and kill two people." Minors fans cheered, but also so many people worry that, after the Sikorski (Sikorski), Glen recovered from the injury, participated in the WWE, arrested and It was dangerous to kill Brady, but he also said that he was in a very good situation, and he thought that after four months of rehabilitation, he was ready to come back to training and return to the game.Whether you, at least we Know the current state of the geometry gloon.

In Jersey, Brady was pleased to start the new season at the Finsheng Park Red Sox, where he would throw the ball at the foot of the Red Seen second baseman Dustin. It is worth mentioning that the good relationship between the two, they live in Massachusetts, Brooklyn’s neighbors, very close to Fenway Park.

Cowboys allow other teams and are willing to wholesale cheap nfl jerseys through negotiations to reach an agreement.

Today the Dallas Cowboy News release, they allow other teams to contact the veteran quarterback Tony Romano to trade better.

Of course, you must inform Dallas cowboy until you reach an agreement with other teams and their brokers, or in this way, in fact, the cowboy has the right to choose which team can contact Roma, which teams can not contact. So you want to pass the appropriate offer to Dallas open the team can pass.

Champion’s defense updates the patriots’ core

In the New England Patriots continue to operate the nfl jersey Chinese offseason, today issued a big news, Patriot star player, defensive core East Tower – Heitor official and patriot contract for the Patriots, the entire defense group without the East Tower Heitor’s words , After the fruit in the offseason unbearable meditation, update the Patriots and Heitor negotiations, as a free agent, Heitor finally decided to sign the contract in the Patriots, to maintain the championship competitiveness.

Patriot has 4 years $ 43 million 500,000 lockout contract, including the protection of Hightower, the amount of $ 19 million. Hightower rejected other teams like Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets he opened fat to continue to influence the Super Bowl championship rings to honor their patriots.

Is the patriot on the pitch and absolute leadership, his teammates can stimulate the enthusiasm in the forty-ninth Super Bowl at his critical moment in Lynch, leading to patriots after the sign; the fifty-first Super Bowl, En Hightower pass, leading the touchdown, and laid the foundation for the reverse. Can be said to be the last two times to win the Patriot Super Bowl, Hightower East Tower – often at the crucial moment of the amazing defensive performance is the cornerstone of the Patriot victory. Updated Hightower high cost, now the patriot and about $ 24 million in funds, the money, the patriots left Malcolm – Butler hope a lot, and now Hightower’s problem has been solved, then the Patriot will be the main Butler contract A few days will come.

This contract may be quick in other teams, but for the patriots have already made a big nfl jersey cheap contract. In the middle of the season, the Patriots joined Cleveland Brown defender Jamie – a team that signed $ 50 million worth $ 4 million and $ 42 million for $ 400,000. It’s just a popular Patriot player in other teams like the sample price, Hightower season all-star, in the Super Bowl and the main player, a $ 43 million contract for the individual, some very cheap. Is there anything more excited than keeping a patriot with a patriot?

Weiss – Murray joins the Vikings

The former Auckland commando ran back to Weiss Murray, the player today officially joined the Minnesota Vikings in the wholesale nfl jersey Raiders, wearing Jersey 28, Weiss – Murray may choose to wear the 28th of the Vikings, this The numbers were before the Viking legend of Adrian-Peterson’s number, and the Vikings signed in Murray with Peterson, did not return to the Minnesota Vikings, and Murray’s former club Raiders could be Peterson.

Finally, no one answered the disk cheap jersey NFL cut

NFL League jersey What happened today something interesting? A look: cowboy can not trade Romo; retired general offensive
Dallas Cowboy now do not want to find a deal Toni Romo opens when the players on the market, even if they want to finish Toni Romo deal with other teams, veteran quarterback only wait for the fate of the Dallas Cowboys.

In the last two seasons only played four rounds of Tony Romano, not a bit like dealing with his weak body and high contract for the other team, because if there is a choice to stay on the team, so they have to eat the last year’s contract Is any team do not want to make the choice. So the family can only wait until June 1 Romo will stay before it is cut off you can know. But a person’s point of view is that in order to Dallas cowboy’s age will be traded to Romo, he did not want to stay in place. After the cowboy announces layoffs after Romo, each team believes it will cut the Cowboys 4 professional bowl star players and is willing to wait for him to become a free agent at that moment. Under the influence of these factors, even if the Dallas Cowboys want to pay Luo Luo save some money, the team can not accept the cowboy deal.
And now Houston Texas and Denver Broncos are envious of Ryan’s jealousy, but they are only willing to accept, sign as a free agent.

But the Dallas Cowboys attacked a member of a Chinese who was going to retire, 33-year-old he decided to bid farewell to the entire decade of competition last year in his quarterly entry in the 2017 season, and would receive a $ 500,000 salary to decide that cattle Aberdeen left Of the salary of $ 5 million.

Cowboy absolute attack line, is the absolute main cowboy super attack attack a member, but in recent years has been troubled by injuries, with age, rich forest obviously feel helpless, decommissioned cowboy choice must consider who can fill the vacancy, But in the offseason many generals. Under the conditions of the cowboy go15.

According to reports, at present, Brown hopes to get Oswald’s second round pick, they said the team is willing to eat half of the $ 16 million Wheeler.
But analysts said the deal was impossible because of Texas’s Texas for a long time, the team was willing to give up the third round of the draft and chose to pay him $ 8 million. The end result is likely to be Brown in the case of finding the final transaction failed vhailor oswald.