USB Block Review:

USB drives a thing of past, present and even the future:

USB drives as expected are known as the tools used quite commonly for inserting data from one end and leading it to another destination with or without the prior permission of the owner. Since they’re too small and easy to handle, it is hard for the owner to even realize someone actually inserted the drive into the ports and runaway with all your stuff.Image result for USB Block

Data thefts occurring seconds:

On many occasions, we consider our devices to be covered from all loose ends after implementing a few steps. For example, installing an anti-virus, cloud backup etc. we feel even if we lose the data, we could easily recover it through the backup option of any cloud account. Hackers are usually easy to keep track of as they usually enter through multiple means of options they use as bait and lure the users into clicking links, sending viruses through skype, phishing emails etc.

However, all these steps are easy to monitor but the problem that exists is where the user forgets how a physical person can whether in your presence or when you’re away can insert a USB drive into your insecure ports and easily get away with all that was important to you.

Review – USB Block:

In this situation, a software known as USB block does the job for you. We reviewed a number of software of similar category, offering similar service but only this software emerged as the top contender.

What it does:

USB block when installed lets you restrict or block all the devices that are not known or are untrusted to your system. By untrusted, we mean only those devices that are new to the system are blocked but that doesn’t mean you would face similar situation. This software offers the option of whitelisting the trusted devices which means, you would be able to insert your drive, connect it the usual and face no restriction in using your drive.

This step was given importance as when you are in someone’s company or presence who you do not trust, you are reluctant to turn your system off as it might give a sense of negative impression of you not trusting that person. In most cases, even childhood friendships are ruined just because of one taking advantage of another.

What it does not offer:

USB block may sound perfect but isn’t. This software does not have a password generator that could have helped you in identifying the strength of your password. In addition, their interface is a bit childish and doesn’t really impress us as it is too flashy for the average human eye. Know that encryption isn’t part of this software and this software only blocks the untrusted devices from connecting but doesn’t

Download Usb Block

Advantages of USB Drives:

Quick and easy to travel with.

Let’s you store ample amount of data that ranges from simple 2GB to up to 64 GB

Minimalistic effort providing the maximum output


Isn’t self-sufficient in being steadfast against the viruses

Easily attracts malware and Trojans

Even a fresh device can become infected in minutes

No end-to-end encryption


Whether you’re tech savvy or not, whether you’re a college kid or a corporate employee, USB Drives are deemed to be part of your live no matter what. Replacements do exist in the form of cloud storage options but that again needs time to gain the trust of the masses. What you can do is either transfer yourself to the cloud storage option completely, turn the auto syncing on and encrypt the remaining of your data stored on your PC. If this option isn’t available to you, stick with the old school method of data security as explained above.

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